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Services that put you on the path to financial success are our specialty. We have garnered our expertise to put together a list of great services right from education of the derivative trade basics to the management of hefty investments. Take the Tour to find your cup of tea - or necessi-tea.

Derivative Advisory Service

Never heard about Derivative Trading before? We are here to enlighten you. Find answers at our FAQ Page, and if still dubious, reach out to us.

Make Derivative Investments

Already a fan of Derivative trading? Make your debut investment with us. And more!

Take Protections Against Market Falls

Falls are typical in the stock market. But it doesn’t have to be clichéd in your financial investments and shares. Secure your finances and get forecasts about market trends so that there’s always a cushion to every market fall.

Real Time Monitoring of Positions

Keep a smart track of your positions and the variations in the market on a day-to-day basis with daily transaction reports and monthly Scenario Analysis of your investments and impact of market trends.

Derivative Trading Tips for Short-Term

Want to invest short term and reap a little more than you dreamed? Get short term derivative trading tips from our trade experts to get that extra return in a jiffy!

Open Demat and Trading Accounts

Being new to stock market should not stop you from earning more. Get started by opening demat accounts to deposit or hold shares bought or sold from and do business through trading accounts. We help you set these up without needing to worry.

Trade Shares

Buy and sell shares without being burdened by the sweat of it. Get your trading accounts and demat accounts managed with complete transparency.

Trade Equity Derivatives

Buy and sell the equity derivatives AKA futures and options and gain potential benefits like hedging, enhanced trading limits, returns and leverage of time.

Trade Currency Derivatives

Interested in buying or selling a particular currency pair at a future date? Do safe trading through currency derivatives of futures and options.

Trade Mutual Funds

If you would rather invest in a share with other great investors like you, than buy individual stocks under professionally managed conditions, we have the right pool for you. Buy and sell shares at your whim, but at an easier pace and minimized commissions and transaction costs.

Mobile, Online & Call Trading

Going smart and digitally equipped has become indispensable today. Get your trades done through your mobile, over the Internet or better yet, through just a call. We have it covered as well.